Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top Ten Reason I Stunk at Being a Vato

Most people who know me know I grew up on a violent street in East Los Angeles. A few of you who know me know I tried very hard to be a gang member. Only one or two of you know that I actually stunk at being a Vato. So, I thought I would give all of you the top ten reasons why. Number 10. The very first time I spray-painted my name on a wall two Los Angeles County Sheriffs were standing right behind me. Number 9. I honestly thought tubes of glue were for building model airplanes and cars. Number 8. I secretly enjoyed Jazz and Rock 'n Roll music more than the Oldies. Number 7. Wearing a Pendleton shirt and a wool cap in the summer made me sweat to much. Number 6. I though it was plain stupid to spray starch on a pair of Levis and to put creases on the front of the legs. Number 5. Very time I heard someone say "Homes" I could not stop thinking about the porno star with the same last name. Number 4. I could never look cool because I had to wear a catholic school uniform and carry home books from school. Number 3. I once found keys to the neighborhood liquor store but I actually returned them to the owner. Number 2. My father always made me get a "two-line" haircut just like the one JFK had. Number 1. My first car was a 1964 MG Midget while everyone else had a Chevy.


Anonymous said...

number 10 reason is very funny

Anonymous said...

you're bumming me out. I have always used you as an example with my students about what we can achieve if we are determined enough. Just for that I pronounce you an honorary vato, just for trying.