Thursday, August 5, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Some Men Will Vote For Sarah Palin

10. She looks hot when she dresses in her husband's hunting clothes. 9. She catches fish with a wink and a net. 8. She'll use the power of the Presidency to get back at her nasty in-laws. 7. She quit her last job and told the people who hired her to shove it. 6. We get to see her rise up on her hind legs and act like a Mama Grisly. 5. She knows cave people lived with dinosaurs just like the Flintstones. 4. She enjoys shooting animals with a rifle from a helicopter. 3. She uses simple words even if she has to make them up. 2. She knows she is not smart and never pretends to be. 1. She has big cojones.

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