Monday, September 28, 2015

Miguel's Unique Response

A Typical Miguel Contreras Response
Last night I tried a brain trick that usually produces good results for me; I asked my brain to think about a difficult question I was struggling with and to provide me a solution when I woke-up the next morning.  However, inconsistent with my experience I did not received my answer and here is what happened while I was asleep.

Me:  I dreamt (well I think I was still asleep) I woke up and went downstairs to make coffee when suddenly I saw Miguel sitting in my kitchen.  Stunned, I asked Miguel why was he in my kitchen.
Miguel:  Hey Stevarino, I am not sure why I am here.  All I know is that I received a direct order from the Boss to meet you today.  By the way, can I have some coffee?  

Me: Sure, I think I remember how you take it.  Here you go.   
Miguel:  Mmmm! Goddamn (oops sorry Boss), Stevarino! This is some serious gourmet shit!  Usually, I would be happy with some freeze-dried Taster's Choice, but you spring this serious gourmet shit on me!  What flavor is this? 

Me:  Knock it off, Miguel.  I know how good my coffee is.  I am the one who buys it.  Anyway, those lines about the gourmet coffee are from the movie Pulp Fiction and when Jules says them to Jimmie it is a lot funnier.

Miguel:  Oh, I thought I heard those lines before.  Anyway, what is up with you?  And, please if you have a problem do not make your problem my problem. 
Me:  It is not really a problem Miguel, but more of a question.  And, why do you always tell me “don’t make your problem my problem?’

Cellphone music tone of the theme song from the movie Godfather suddenly goes off . .

Miguel:  Hello.  Yes, yes, okay I will be right there.  Sorry Stevarino, I have to leave.  I have a full day of arbitrations and I am fighting to get some people into paradise and not the other place.  And, some of the cases are simply losers but politically important for the Boss. 

Me:  Okay Miguel be well.

Then I woke up with no solution. Or, was there a message somewhere in there that I did not get?