Thursday, August 12, 2010

Words We Unintentionally Misspelled That Got Us In Deep Trouble.

This morning I wrote a letter to a client that contained a typo. Wth Spellcheck I found the mistake and corrected it before I sent the letter to the client. But sometimes Spellcheck does not catch the mistake, because we may have used an actual word. What I mean is that Spellcheck will not flag a correctly spelled word and the document will go out with a word we did not intend to use. This got me to think about how simple misspelled words that are not discovered sometimes get us in deep trouble that we never intended to happen. Take me for example, I once type in an extra "m" next to the letter "r" when I intended to call someone a moron. Here is an example of what I wanted to write; "John acts like such a moron when he drinks too much." Another example, I once typed an "f" and an another time an "s" when I wanted to use the word luck. Here is what I intended to say; " John went to Las Vegas last weekend and had good luck." Another time, an old college girlfriend of my made a mistake that almost gave her mother a heart attack. When the old girlfriend received a letter from her mother asking her if she had a boyfriend in college, she meant to reply "yes, I have Steven." But she forgot the "t" in my name. How about you guys. Have you had any such experiences with simple misspelled words not caught by Spellcheck?

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