Thursday, March 24, 2011

Miguel On Union Busting

A great philosopher once wrote that it is always more meaningful to praise someone’s genius if he is no longer with us because there can be no suspicion about motive since one cannot gain favors or seek reciprocal praises from a person who has passed on. It is with this axiom in mind that I remember my great friend Miguel. Miguel was a great labor leader who always showed his love for working people; however, he was also a very funny man and that too will live with me forever. With this in mind, I decided to write fictional dialogs that have taken place between my good friend and me and his toughts regarding current events.

A lot of time has passed since Miguel left us, so I do not mean to disrespect him, his family, and other friends. I write this simply to provide you will a brief look into the mind of a genius who found the lighter side to most serious issues. Enjoy and if you like, I will post others. Just let me know.

. . . .

This took place sometime around 11:50 a.m. the other day.

A deep and trembling voice suddenly out of nowhere is heard in the law office of Steven Holguin:

Deep Voice: “Mr. Holguin, I have Miguel on the line for you. He wants to speak with you.”

Steve: “Can you tell him I am rather . . .”

Deep Voice: “Please hold for him.”

Miguel: Hey Steverino, how you been? Want to have some lunch?

Steve: Hey Miguel, sure, but I didn’t know you still eat food.

Miguel: “What, I can eat all I want now. It never shows. Wait ‘til you see how good I look.”

Steve: “Sure that sounds good but can you come to my office first? You know I don’t drive anymore. Then we will find a place near here to eat.”

Miguel: “Okay but I am already here. Turn around.”

Steve: “Wow, that was quick. Okay, let me see how you look. Bullshit Miguel, you look the same to me.”

Miguel: “Yeah this observation coming from the guy who is blind. Everyone else says I look great.”

Steve: “Right, they must work for you. Hey, before we go, did you read this article in the daily fish rap about union-busting stuff happening around the country? And the point the author makes in the article that because of the media hype against unions, young people are joining the ranks as union organizers?” 

Miguel: “Does the article say anything about me?”

Steve: “No, not this time Miguel.”

Miguel: “While that is no great news, young people have been working for unions for years. Do you know why?”

Steve: “No, but I am sure you will tell me.”

Miguel: “Here are the top ten reasons young people join unions as organizers.”

“Number 10: Their 24 hour 7 days a week work schedule gives them an excuse not to attend boring family events.

Number 9: Fighting for workers' rights is a great pickup line.

Number 8: Their parents allow them to live two more years at home rent-free. 

Number 7: They do not have to spend money on clothes or haircuts so they save some money.

Number 6: No one expects them to own a dependable car so they can save some money there too.

Number 5: They have a great excuse to get out of a steady relationship because they are too busy with the movement.

Number 4: Someone else pays their cell phone bills.

Number 3: People see them on television shouting, protesting, and being arrested, and they think that looks cool.

Number 2: “They want to work for great leaders like me.”

And, Number 1: “What else can they do with a college degree now days? Teach? Yeah, good luck with that career.”

Steve: “That is funny Miguel but I think I read that somewhere before.”

Miguel: “You did, but I inspired the author to write it. Hey, I just realized I have to go. See you later Steverino. Be well.”

Steve: Be well Miguel.

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